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Please refer to the Official Rules page. We recommend you to watch the Demo Video and read all the rules care fully.


Balance is the amount that you've won, which you get when you suc cessfully claim available prizes during the game. You can fully and directly use the Balance to buy tickets. Also, you can with draw it in to your PayTMWallet or your bank account

You can fully and directly use Rewards to buy tickets. But you can not with draw this amount.

No. There is no validity and to use money available in TPL REWARDS or Balance

Your mobile number registered with TPL a nd paytm should be sa me. Your Pay TMKYC has to be successfully completed. And you have to have TPL Balance greater than zero.:)

Click on the' Claim' button available on home screen. Your Balanc e will be transferred to your PayTM account linked with the mobile number you're currently logged in with. Generally it takes a few minutes to reflect in your account. But some times, it might take up to 24hours.

Your money will be automatically Refunded to your TPL Balance within 24hours. From TPL Balance you can choose to buy tickets for next games or withdraw to your PayTMaccount or bank aacount. If issue still persists, please contact us from 'GetHelp' section.Don't worry your money is safe.

Your withdrawal request is in process. Sometimes it takes upto 24hours toreflect in your PAYTM or Bank account. if the request fails, then the amount will be automatically refunded to your TPL balance within 24hours. Also note that you have to complete your PayTM KYC to receive money. If issue still persists , please contact us from 'Get Help' section. Don't worry your money is safe ..

Go to 'My Account' page there you can change your name. email id and profile pic.O nce you are done click on 'Update Profile' button.